Journal of a Tiny House

wills_tarletonOne of the most enjoyable things about having a blog is the people you meet along the way. During the publication of the Tiny House Blog I have met many interesting people who are building or remodeling their homes.

In fact most of the authors of the Small Living Journal I met writing a post about their projects. Recently, I have been getting to know some builders of Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. One of them, Will Pedersen from Abbotsford, BC in Canada kept a written journal (which is available for download at the Tiny House Journal) of his building expenses. He also took photographs of each step along the way.

Will had very little carpentry experience, yet he was able to build his home with a little guidance from a carpenter friend, who was available for questions and assistance when he needed help.

Will’s journal and photos got me thinking that this might be a way to show the average person that they too could build a beautiful home with little or no experience and with some guidance from a professional.

I decided to start a new web site featuring these people and have just made the site live in the last few days. Below is a video I put together from the photos Will took of his build of his Tumbleweed Tarleton.

I hope this video and the Tiny House Journal will inspire you to take the step and make your dreams of owning and building a tiny house come to pass. You can do-it-yourself!

Video Journal of Will’s Tumbleweed Tarleton

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