I Have A Plan!

Posted August 10th, 2009 by Lelly and filed in Issue 11: Obstacles and Solutions
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Alright, I’m just gonna lay it on ya.  All of this is kinda ties together so please bear with me.

Currently my house in is a state of repair.  OK!  So it’s been that way since I moved in.  It wasn’t really a handyman’s special or anything and I loved it when I first moved in but the longer I live here, the more I believe that whoever designed my house needs to be shot.  Or at least be forced to take a design class before he or she wreaks any more havoc on anyone else’s home.  Let the remodeling begin!  (Please ignore the mess and the dust)new kitchen doorway

Because of the recent downturn in the construction industry half of my household income has disappeared, which means that all of my money has been tied up in my mortgage payment.  It also means that the remodel project that never ends is at a complete standstill.  I never had a whole lot of money to begin with and almost none for myself but at least the remodel was moving forward.

Those are the biggest hurdles that I am facing at this very moment in time.  But I have a plan!

My plan is to refinance my mortgage to lower my payment.  It’s going to be great!  In my mind it’s already happened and I’ve talked to my mortgage company and they’ll be able to do it.  Now it’s up to me to get my buns in gear and get the paperwork finished.

My next move will be to get the remodel show back on the road.  I’ve only got to finish my bathroom, (which is no small feat but it’ll be fun), painting, trim, and flooring.  Then on to the the next phase.

In order to lower my income obligations a little more, I plan to add a carport and rent out my “big” house for whatever my new mortgage payment is and then I’m going to turn my garage into a 400 sq ft house.   It’ll be adorable when it’s finished!  Plus, so I don’t get pinched by the man, I’m going to leave the front looking like a garage and add parking in the back.  I know it’s even more cash stuffed into an already overly expensive house, but I figure living in a converted garage apartment will ready me to move into a 140 sq ft tiny house!  Plus, when I do move into my tiny house, I can also rent out the garage apartment to make a little extra income!garage house

The only other hurdle I can see in my future after that is which model tiny house to build, and how I’ll support myself on the road.  But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!