Two or More in a Tiny Space

Posted June 16th, 2009 by Kent Griswold and filed in Issue 7: Living with other people
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How does more than one person live in a tiny house? I get this question quite often on the Tiny House Blog and have thought about it quite a bit but never sat down and answered the question.

Most everyone you here about living in tiny homes are single and living by themselves. Many of them in 120 square feet or less. So how do you take that and apply it to 3 or 4 people living in a tiny house?

Personally I think you need to decide how much private space each person needs. Take that figure and multiply by it by your current household or your plans for future members in your home. Than add the kitchen and bathroom space you require and design or find a home that fills that need.

Another option if the kids are older is to make several small dwellings in a close area. Have a central living area with kitchen, laundry and bath and than have separate bedroom units in an area connected by decks or walkways.

I think you need to be creative and figure out what is the minimum amount of space you need and work your way down to that. Even while living in a larger home you can start applying this to your life. I’ve read about people who block out a space in their house and just start living in that area. It is a good way to find out how much space you really need.

I think another important aspect is the need for privacy. Each person needs their own space at certain times so a separate area or space where a person can get away from the noises and distractions that come from living in a small space is extremely important.

So take a few of these ideas and test it out for yourself. Also be sure and read the rest of the articles in this issue from the other authors and apply it to your life.

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