A Few Guidelines for a Bright Future

Posted May 18th, 2009 by Tammy "RowdyKittens" and filed in Issue 5: Future Plans
Portland Cottage Heaven, Photo by Tammy

Portland Cottage Heaven, Photo by Tammy

Our future plans aren’t set in stone and that is perfectly okay with us. The world is changing quickly and flexibility is an important quality. Especially, in a time of economic woes. Being able to move or change plans quickly can open the door to unforeseen opportunities.

Since our plans are loose and flexible, we’ve crafted a few guidelines for a bright future:

1. Living Small. Since downsizing, we’ve discovered that less is more. Rather than devoting large sums of life energy and money toward a traditional home or huge apartment, we will purchase a tiny house in the next year or two. In the meantime, we will continue our downsizing process and living in small apartments. Taking a pass on the traditional American dream and creating our own beautiful home is the best option for us. Living small will propel us toward financial independence and free up our time to spend with friends and family.

2. Staying Carfree & Debt Free. For us, a large part of living small means staying carfree and debt free. Ever since we sold our car and paid off our debt, a huge burden has been lifted from our shoulders. Without debt we are free to make choices that bring us happiness.

3. New Opportunities & Growth. I’ve been thinking about starting my own tiny business for the last few months and have been working on a master plan. Within the next year, I hope to launch a tiny business that will bring in a small supplemental income. Any extra money that is made in this venture will be put in savings. There are many goals I’d like to work on, like growing as a writer and photographer, spending quality time with friends/family and enjoying the outdoors.

Portland Cottage Heaven Flowers, Photo by Tammy

Portland Cottage Heaven Flowers, Photo by Tammy

4. Loving Life. Finally, I want to live life to the fullest. I know this sounds cheesy, but I think a lot of people engage in activities that don’t make them happy. As Gary Vanderchuck pointed out, during South by South West:

Live your life and do what you love. People worry about stupid shit.

Gary’s comment made me laugh out loud and reflect on the number of times I’ve fretted away about trivial things. Changing my perspective and devoting my life energy toward projects that make a difference in the world have changed me for the better.

During his talk, Gary emphasized the importance of loving yourself, embracing what you do well, and not waiting to make things happen. For me this message is about simplicity. Pursuing your passion shouldn’t be so difficult. But so many people are stuck in jobs they hate and are incredibility unhappy.

Our time on the planet is limited and I want my future choices and plans to be good ones. Above all, we want to pursue happiness; not more stuff.

What about you? Has downsizing affected how you foresee the future?

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3 Responses to “A Few Guidelines for a Bright Future”

  1. DraceneaNo Gravatar says:

    I love love love #4! If we supposedly get one life, make the best of it. So many people live life like the days are endless but they’re not, sadly.

  2. Betsy McCullenNo Gravatar says:

    Saw some of your great photos at your website…gotta LOVE those kittens :) :) what kind of camera do you have??

    I keep thinking I will one day be car-free too…just can’t get past that dependence thingy! But you inspire me. I can tell ya one thing for sure: I would be a LOT farther ahead on my bills if I didn’t have one!! They sure are moneysuckers!!!

    Gary is right…we do worry about stupid shit :)

  3. Therese CharvetNo Gravatar says:

    This little list is right-on and thanks for writing this post to inspire others. I’ve been living simply for 4 decades and have never regretted it. The best things in life are not purchased with money; they come from slowing down to the speed of mother nature, enjoying the beauty of this planet and the loving companionship of friends and family.