Introduction to Issue 5: Future Plans

Posted May 18th, 2009 by Michael Janzen and filed in Issue 5: Future Plans

This issue of Small Living Journal focuses on our dreams, goals and plans for the future. As you read you’ll notice that each of us has a different approach. The diverse nature of our backgrounds must explain our different paths; but the one common thread is that living simply is helping us realize our dreams.

We also have a guest author, Betsy McCullen, who has shared with us the lessons she’s learned and a simple strategy she is using to accomplish her goals.

One Response to “Introduction to Issue 5: Future Plans”

  1. Cristy O'HerronNo Gravatar says:

    I just finished reading Small Living Journal #5–it was my introduction to SLJ. I want to thank the authors for their thoughtful, honest pieces; I read each one, and felt as though I’d had an intimate conversation with each of you when I had finished. Of course, I subscribed: becoming part of the “smaller and simpler” movement is changing my life. As I read the last few words, I got a clear vision of the commune way of life that peaked in the sixties and seventies. And I thought, what a wonderful way to address an over-populated, economically unstable, terrorist-threatened, oil-guzzling, scary, uncertain world. Build communities of self-sustaining tiny-house-dwelling folks! Grow all our own food; make what we eat and wear and use; leave no footprint on the planet (or at least a tiny one only). Each group could be as “primitive” or as “complex” as the members wanted it to be. Ideally, it would go a long way toward solving the aching loneliness that so many people feel–people would be there for each other; the elderly wouldn’t have to be shunted away, hidden in a “long term care facility;” there would always be someone to talk to, some way to help another human being. Children would be an active part of commune life, and caring for them wouldn’t be a burden placed on one or two people. And of course every tiny house needs a dog and a cat or two (or a rabbit or guinea pig….). It just sounds so nice to this achingly lonely, scared, economically unstable, uncertain-about-everything flower child of the ’70′s. And I can see the windows of the tiny houses glowing at night, hear the sounds of voices, laughter and music coming from each one…Okay, so I’m an idealist; I’m a Tiny House Blogger.