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Posted May 18th, 2009 by Kent Griswold and filed in Issue 5: Future Plans
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32-cw-cub-creekWhere will I be in five years? What does the future hold? What dreams will actually become reality? These are the questions we ask on a daily basis as we try to figure out our lives.

As I get older I realize that life is short and you need to really prioritize the important things in your life.

Our kids are growing up and leaving the nest over the next few years, a perfect time to really simplify our lives, get rid of the debt we’ve built up with the kids in school and life in general. Our oldest daughter will be finishing college in one year. Our youngest will just be starting his college education next year, so we still have some major expenses to look forward to.

During the next five years my goal is to completely wipe out our credit card debt, pay off the car loans and start to find that piece of property to which we can retire on. I also want to continue to grow my internet business so that it will support both of us and my wife can retire from her teaching career after the kids are through school and out on their own.

I see us downsizing to a smaller home similar to the one I am featuring in this article. A small two bedroom home of 400-700 square feet with a Tumbleweed Tarleton as a spare bedroom and home office is what I see us in over time located on at a quarter acre or more with room for a garden. A small home in the country.

lg_fpThe next step is to do my best to make this happen.

As we all know there are many unknowns that are thrown our way so don’t ┬áplan for everything to go according to your best laid plans.

Be flexible but keep your goals focused and make small steps to enable them to happen.

So these are my ramblings of my future plans. I encourage you to write down your goals and plans and start making small steps toward them to make it happen for you.

Kent Griswold publishes the Tiny House Blog and the Tiny House Journal.

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