Living Small in Sacramento, California

Posted April 20th, 2009 by Tammy "RowdyKittens" and filed in Issue 3: My Current Home

Part of living a smaller lifestyle, means living in an area with accessible services, restaurants, cultural activities and more. With this in mind, my partner (Logan) and I found a perfect tiny home to meet our needs.

Below are a few reasons why we love our home so much:

1. A tiny apartment fits my needs. Living in a 400 square foot apartment has streamlined my life. Less stuff, less cleaning and a 30 percent decrease in rent has lowered my stress levels, improved my health and saved an enormous amount of time. My extra time is now spent with friends, hobbies, and Logan.

Feel free to take a tour of the tiny apartment:

2. Work is within walking distance. I’ve been commuting to various jobs for the last 6 years. While we lived in Davis, Logan had the luxury of commuting by bike everyday. Needless to say, I was a little jealous. :)

Moving closer to my job in Sacramento meant less stress and worry over commuting time. Even if my work days are stressful, I know my commute home will be easy. A walk home in the fresh air helps me unwind. It’s the perfect way to end a work day.

3. Public transportation is accessible. My main method of transportation is by bike. But it’s good to have options. Sacramento has an accessible bus system, light rail and I’m only 1 mile from the Amtrak station!

4. The community is walkable and bikable. Mid-town is close to amazing restaurants, the park, city pools, the YMCA, the Sacramento co-op, a farmer’s market and the American River Trail. Additionally, the Second Saturday Art Walk is available for free every month!

5. Closing thoughts. Our little home is beautiful and when I reflect on the fortunate state of our lives, I am incredibly grateful. Simple living has given me the tools to remove the unnecessary, define my values and pursue happiness.

For more information about simple living, check out my blog: RowdyKittens.

11 Responses to “Living Small in Sacramento, California”

  1. DraceneaNo Gravatar says:

    What a great little apartment!

    Can I ask what a light rail is?

  2. Tammy "RowdyKittens"No Gravatar says:

    Of course! Light rail is a form of “urban rail public transportation.” The Sacramento light rail system covers a pretty wide area. I have not taken the light rail system yet because I’m lucky enough to be within walking distance to my day job. But a few colleagues take light rail and love it! :)

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  4. LeeNo Gravatar says:

    Your cats look so adorable!

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  7. AndyNo Gravatar says:

    I remember when I was young and lived at home, my bedroom was pure minimalist, my best friend at school once came in and commented on it in a, shall we say,a negative way ! but to me it was heaven ! Now 30 odd years later we are still friends and I’m still a minimalist and he’s the total opposite, he and his wife posseses so much stuff that I feel like I’m drowning every time I visit. To me less is most definately more, of course I still have more than a few ‘luxury’ items, but they are things that I really want and cherish.



  8. MichaelNo Gravatar says:

    How do you respond to folks that say, “You only want to live small because you can’t afford to live large.”

    People think I’m ‘weird/stupid’ for thinking this way. Though I don’t care what they think I don’t have a good response! LOL



  9. Tammy StrobelNo Gravatar says:

    Hey Michael – I wrote a post about that very topic a few months ago. I hope this helps…

  10. CrysNo Gravatar says:

    I have that same poster in my kitchen :)

    You guys have inspired me, I started my downsizing by cleaning out my giant bookshelf, yesterday…but more so, I think you for inspiring my wife…I didn’t think I’d ever get her into the downsizing spirit.

  11. StevenNo Gravatar says:

    Did you attend UC Davis Tammy? I’m currently attending there :) love your posts btw