Issue 14: Finding Land for Living

Last month we posted a survey and asked readers what they wanted to hear about next. You told us you wanted the next issue to focus on finding land for living, so here it is!

Finding land can be one of the biggest initial challenges in building any home and in the case of a small home there are often additional challenges if the home doesn’t meet local size minimums. There are four articles in this issue:

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2 Responses to “Issue 14: Finding Land for Living”

  1. Simple in FranceNo Gravatar says:

    Good stuff! My family is in real estate in So Cal and I’ve heard of a lot of these problems. It can get nasty and you have to be careful. But it must be very, very cool to own a big chunk of land not so far from LA . . .and all those other folks living in that big, sprawling city. Good for you.

  2. Bruno KusslerNo Gravatar says:

    In the US you can find free land as well, I recently in Kansas and in North Dakota found those sites about this.
    If I was American I would love to have a chance to move to ND, but apparently they only allow Americans to apply. :(