Tiny Tech

Is there such a thing as too much technology?  To me the whole point of simpler living is getting closer to this planet that we call home.  Right now we are so far removed from nature that we can not see if we even are causing any damage.  So instead of fixing what we are doing, we bicker about whether or not we’re inflicting any harm at all and then cram our lives with even more technology and gadgets.

I am no technological wizard and until I am able to design a house that cleans itself, makes my breakfast, and does my laundry, I think I’ll have to settle for conveniences that are readily available.  But to fit it all into a tiny house could be a challenge.

However, I’m sure that when living in a tiny area, it would help to keep clutter at bay by incorporating a few luxuries.  I know that last winter, at the beginning of the remodel that never ends, when I spent almost every minute in my 13′ x11′ bedroom, it would have been nice to have a Kindle e-book reader, so that I wasn’t tripping over boxes of books.  Or a scanner so that I wouldn’t have to have a file cabinet.  Or even just a proper closet in which to put all of my crap would have been nice!

I do know that when I design the tiny house of my dreams, it will have no tv.  No movies or sitcoms to suck my life force out of me.  Instead, I plan on taking my life and doing something meaningful with it, even if it’s only meaningful to me.


2 Responses to “Tiny Tech”

  1. Betsy McCullenNo Gravatar says:

    love your post lelly! tv and advertising suck my life force dry too. even if you aren’t watching it yourself, the noise carries throughout the house…most especially a tiny one!! and i certainly agree with you when it comes to making life meaningful even if it’s only meaningful to me! i could stare at a beautiful scenery for hours. most people think its a waste of time…but, who’s time is it anyways? :)

  2. JudyNo Gravatar says:

    What are you waiting for? You can give the TV away now. Friends will invite you over for the bowl games. A tiny house will only enforce reduction in “stuff”. Living simply is a radical lifestyle change which is usually approached deliberately over some amount of time.